Juggletastic Fire and Spark Shows


A fire display is the ideal entertainment option for any event, ensuring a memorable celebration. We can meet your requirements, from a solo fire artist to a group coordinated fire display. We can add that extra ‘wow element’ to the performance by incorporating 15ft fireballs, pyrotechnics, and a customized firewall as a finale that will fascinate your visitors. All of our artists have full liability coverage, are highly qualified, and prioritize your comfort. Our second objective is to provide you with the most pleasing fire spectacle you have ever seen. Some of the performances we provide and the gadgets we utilize are listed below. The fire breathing artist for your wedding is the event that requires the most memorialization in pictures. Possessing a wedding oil picture of you and your spouse, whether you got married later or many decades ago, is something precious.

Fire games that are interactive

You may participate by booking our fully interactive fire events package. We will let you test out the apparatus and provide you with some of the best entertainment available, such as fire high jumping, fire somersault, fire tramlining, fire bouncing, and more. Specialists will ultimately teach you about the apparatus before you use it. You can also benefit from our fire breathing classes; please visit our Fire Breathing department for more data. Please keep in mind that this is just for adults.

The fire breathing artist for your wedding is an occasion that requires the greatest memorialization in pictures; thus, safety is of the utmost importance to us. Have a fire breathing artist for your wedding oil picture of you and your spouse, whether you married later or many decades ago. One significant advantage of producing a wedding portrait is that you most likely have an extensive collection of high-quality images to pick from. This dramatically simplifies the process of creating stunning hand-painted pictures of your big day.
We have two painters that paint our wedding portraits; please specify who you want when buying. You may choose to have a fire breathing artist for your wedding picture made of just the two of you, or you may wish to have one painted of the entire family. Whatever your needs are, we’re delighted to assist and ensure you receive the wedding photo you’ve always wanted.

Public liability insurance covers all Juggletastic performers

All shows are equipped with smoke detectors, firefighting equipment, and plastic wrap. If feasible, a safety or supervisor presence is necessary for all fire reservations during festivities and rock concerts. Before all engagements, we do safety inspections and vulnerability assessments, which we will coordinate with you in advance. Please remember that we retain the right to cancel or alter the show if we believe the surroundings are hazardous or the staging measurements provided are inaccurate. Unless previous agreements are made, the entire cost will be charged.

Establish your night on fire with our fire jugglers and dancers

The fire performers on the one side whirl amid the flames while turning their stone forge, supporters, or strands on fire. Then there are the fire opportunists, who can wield single or double staffs, vampire’s clubs, or even diablos with ease. Then there were the fire jugglers, their flames soaring into the sky. All of these performers will be on hand to light up your evening.

Juggling and firefighting

Fire jugglers are authentic dancers that execute spectacular visual feats by maneuvering burning items. The flames transform into true dancing partners for the juggler. Our fire jugglers will transport you to a beautiful and lyrical world. Our fire artists use support, stone forge, poles, flames, hula-hoops, staff, diablos, demon sticks, pyramids, and a variety of other burning things. To amaze you, the fire jugglers throw, pick up with fantastic skill, then hurl back flaming objects beneath the blinded eyes of the audience.

They prefer to employ flaming bolas, which are tiny burning masses suspended from a rope or chain. The fire juggler’s art is to spin this gadget around him while executing increasingly unexpected and artistic figures. The bolas’ fire will leave long light trails in the night, creating a stunning lyrical ribbon. These fire magicians are also usually accompanied by a pair of fans. The fire fans provide even more pleasure to the performance with their tiny sparks when lit and in momentum. The lights are exquisitely crafted to complement the jugglers’ choreographies.

Another type of fire juggling is kindle fire juggling. The flame sticks at both ends permit you to pull off some incredible stunts. The jugglers rotate and hurl them in the air to generate fire strokes. The fire artist also moves his pole over his body, turning it on the backside of his hand, elbows, arms, and legs. It is a fantastic act that exudes a lot of enthusiasm to the spectators.

Finally, once sparked, the spin cast, a popular children’s game, shines brilliantly in the hands of fire jugglers. A fire performance will astound your visitors, colleagues, and relatives. Our jugglers and fire dancers will astound your visitors, whether young and elderly. Juggletastic believes that anyone can appreciate acrobatic abilities, regardless of ability level; we will take the talents you already have and develop and perfect them. Nothing is impossible to attain with a bit of patience and understanding. We aim to make the learning process as en